Let’s start by getting this out of the way: yuck. I’m not trying to pretend I’m a closet polar bear or anything, but I hate hot weather.  It’s so uncomfortable.  Unlike cold weather, which you can address just by putting on a sweater, there’s little you can do once the thermometer starts to rise above the eighties.

On top of that, what little you can do to beat the heat tends to, you guessed it, waste water.  Like to run the air conditioner?  All the electricity you’re burning is powered by water.  Want a fresh shower to wash away your sweat?  Yep, water.  Running through the sprinklers?  Take a dip in the pool?  A cool glass of lemonade?  Water, water, water.

So what can you do to keep cool in these summer months?

If you live here in Los Angeles, or really, any coastal town, why not take a trip to the beach?  Unlike artificial pools, the ocean has a limitless supply of natural water, and at least here in LA, the waves are consistently, significantly cooler than the air outside.  Just remember my earlier post about the connection between water and gas, and maybe consider taking public transit or carpooling for your beach visit.

Don’t live near a beach?  There are other ways to keep your house cool.  Have you considered replacing your grass with drought-tolerant trees?  Besides requiring less irrigation (and as such, less water), these trees will cast shade, and reduce the heat that gets trapped in your home.  Double the savings!

Maybe, despite your best efforts, you’re still hot, tired, and worst of all, sweaty by the end of the day.  I’ve been there, with you.  Here’s a situation where doing the comfortable thing is also the water-conscious thing.  Consider switching your showers to the evening, rather than the morning.  Not only do you get to rinse away your sweat that much sooner, but you can also reduce the amount of laundry you need to do overall, since your sheets and bedding will stay clean longer.

Want more tips to stay cool during the summer without throwing your water down the drain?  Check out these helpful hints on the LADWP’s website.    Keep cool, and keep checking in as we share more!