If you’ve liked us on Facebook, or you’re following us on Twitter, or you’re subscribed to our newsletters, you’ve already heard this, but for all the rest of you, there’s big news in California.  And by big news, we mean news that arrives to the tune of $500 a day. What can that mean, you ask?  Well, in response to ongoing drought and water wasting in urban areas of California, the California state water resources control board passed mandatory restrictions on outdoor watering. Along with the current restrictions already in place in some communities, the recent restrictions would ban wasteful outdoor watering, including, but not limited to:

  • Water from landscaping sprinklers that runs onto the sidewalk or street
  • Hosing down sidewalks and driveways
  • washing a car with a hose that doesn't have a shut-off nozzle
  • using drinking water in ornamental fountains

Any public employee empowered to enforce laws will be issuing citations, escalating from a warning to a $500 fine for repeat offenders.

Cities like Los Angeles already had these, and many other restrictions in place.  One restriction by the LADWP limits which days you can water according to your address.  And if you must water your lawn, run your sprinklers at night or really early in the morning, so that you lose less water to evaporation, and run your sprinklers for a shorter amount of time than you would if watering during the day.

Did you know that it’s healthier for your lawn to water in short bursts than over a long period of time?  As it turns out, a short, heavy burst of water encourages grass roots to grow deeper, resulting in a hardier grass.  And, not surprisingly, shorter watering periods use less water, so you can benefit your lawn and save water all at once.

In an ideal world, everyone would value our resources and our planet.  However, sometimes our desires come into conflict with our needs, but now, there’s a new incentive to save water, and it’ll cost you if you don’t adapt.  We’re hoping everyone reading this post avoids the big fine, and that you can have the lawn you’ve always wanted without using more than your share of water.