The title of our blog post is the same as the motto of our film, but it’s more than just a phrase.  The crew of The Longest Straw truly, sincerely believes that accessible, clean, plentiful water is necessary to make life worth living.  Water soothes, it cleans, it hydrates, it nurtures. So imagine our shock when we found this news story.  We’re not in the habit of getting involved in international politics or commenting on foreign policy, but this troubling article really drew home the importance of the topics covered in our film.

In particular, this quote stuck out:

“It’s no surprise that the terrorist group has focused on the country’s dams. The power to dry-out Baghdad and the Shi’ite farmlands south of the capital—along with the ability to provide water and the electricity produced by these facilities to their new subjects—could put ISIS in the driver’s seat."

Most evolutionary theories identify life as beginning in water.  Scientists searching for life on other planets consider the presence of water to be one of the first fundamental criteria.  No major city has ever been built without a nearby drinkable water source (although some cities, particularly Los Angeles, have outgrown their initial source and had to turn elsewhere).  Water is integral to our lives,  and has seeped into every single aspect of being, so that water is inseparable from our very notion of life and existence.

As this article suggests, the morale and health of any group of people is dependent on their access to water.  When you control water, you control the people.  This isn’t just an ordinary environmental or political issue: water is a fundamental building block of life.

So we urge you: whether you live in a desert, like Iraq, or a Mediterranean climate, like Los Angeles, or anywhere else (including rainy places where water is ample), treasure the precious resources in your life.  Water doesn’t just come out of your faucet: it’s an inseparable part of who you are.  For those who have plenty, spare a thought for those facing the possibility of doing without, and give an extra thought before you waste that precious, delicate resource that could spell life or doom for so many.