This blog has had many repeating features, but there’s one in particular that we’re particularly proud of: the H20 History.  If you can’t guess its subject from the name, the premise is this: H20 Histories are our guest post features, in which people unrelated to The Longest Straw’s crew share their histories and their relationship with water.  Because one thing we’d like to emphasize for all our readers is that everybody has a relationship with water: you don’t have to be a hydrologist, or an activist, or work in a profession related to water conservation in order to have a relationship.

Take, for example, this post from our very own Samantha Bode.   It may seem surprising, given her 400+ mile hike up the Los Angeles Aqueduct, but Sam didn’t have any special training or specialized experience before she began working on our documentary.  Instead, as Sam’s post reveals, her relationship with water involved sneaking away to the local creek as a child, and weekend camping trips after moving to Los Angeles.

Or how about this post from friend of The Longest Straw, Sayd Randle?  Like Samantha, her childhood involved unsupervised visits to the local water sources, but her connection with water evolved into an adulthood in which she works with activists and actively participates in conservation communities.

Other H20 Histories come from our on-screen interview subjects like Greg Reis and Mike Prather.  

And this, dear reader, is where you come in.  Because we want to hear about your connection to water, and we want to provide you with a medium to speak to the people of Los Angeles.  You don’t need to be an activist, like Mike and Greg, or to study water conservation movements, like Sayd.  You don’t have to be involved in our movie, like Sam, and you don’t even need to know us personally.

All you need is something to say and a willingness to write a short (1-2 page) post about your relationship with water.  Comment below or visit our contact us page and let us know that you want to share.  We’ll reach out to you from there.

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