I like a lot of the depiction of conservation efforts as being super-heroic.  When you make the extra effort to be conscientious with your resource usage, you are literally saving the world.  However, sometimes all the emphasis on how awesome conservation can be makes it seem a bit intimidating.  After all, some of us, especially after a long day at work or a stressful couple of hours just don’t have the energy to be heroes.

That’s why I wanted to compile a list of “easy” ways to save water.  They don’t require a lot of work, nor do they necessitate spending a lot of money.  Several of these items can even be implemented by rentors (like me) who don’t have the authority to make permanent changes to their home.

The first, and easiest way to save water, is to update your appliances.  Is your shower head out of date?  Your toilet a few years old?  Your pipes un-insulated?  You may have to spend a bit of money upfront on new water-efficient appliances, but usually they will pay for themselves by saving on your water bill.  Plus, many water agencies offer rebates on water-friendly appliances.  You don’t even have to change your behavior when your shower automatically reduces its water usage.

How about implementing greywater?  A lot of greywater systems can look fairly intimidating, as they often require heavy re-plumbing efforts.  That being said, you can reuse your household water without ever picking up a wrench.  Keep basins in your kitchen sink to save your rinse water and dishwashing water.  Put a large bowl or a bucket in your shower.  Save all this water in a barrel and use it to water your lawn.

Another easy way to save water?  Just use less.  It sounds so simple, and in practice, it can be simple with conscientious planning as well.  When it comes to flushing your toilet, “let it mellow.”  Time your showers and try to shave off another minute every week.  Or better yet, only shower every other day!

There are plenty of simple methods we didn’t have time to get into here: have a favorite tip we missed?  Share it in the comments.