Every now and then, in the writing process for this blog, I need to take a reality check.  I’m pretty good at doling out advice to save on water consumption – especially when it’s advice that I have no way of following.

For example, we’re big advocates of greywater use.  Greywater is water that isn’t in a drinkable condition, but it’s still more useful than blackwater (i.e. water polluted to the point of uselessness.)  Generally speaking, the best use of greywater is outdoors, in your lawn or garden, but there are plenty of people (like me!) who live in apartments and don’t have lawns in which to use greywater.  So is there any interior greywater usage?

There sure is!

Let’s begin with the obvious solution: houseplants.  If you can water outside plants with greywater, you can do the same for inside potted plants, keeping some natural green inside while saving water.

Not a big plant person?  Or maybe you love plants, but just don’t have enough to use up all the water you could save.  You can also use greywater for cleaning purposes, like mopping your floor.

You could also use greywater to reduce the amount of water used in toilet flushes.  Pour water into the tank as you flush so that less clean tap water comes in to fill the tank, and you’ll save with each flush.  The best part?  Literally everyone poops so you’re guarenteed to have use of this water-saving technique.

Any other apartment dwellers out there with interior greywater tips?  Share them below!