The holiday season is certainly upon us.  In the rush of buying presents, planning parties, and drinking hard enough to embarrass yourself at the company holiday dinner, adding water conservation tips to your to-do list may just seem like a bridge too far.  Luckily for you, we’re here to simplify your conservation tactics with a holiday-centric water guide.

Did you trim the tree already?  Believe it or not, Christmas trees are one of the few products where going disposable is the greener option. Buying a real tree will use less water and help the earth more than buying a plastic one, so enjoy the scent of pine needles and deck the halls.

How about your gift shopping?  It’s easy (ish) to think green when you’re shopping for yourself, but can you give a thoughtful gift to the picky recipient while still doing right by our planet?  Yes, you can! 

If there’s one thing synonymous with the month of December, it’s the holiday party.  Office parties, family parties, friend parties, and public/community parties – sometimes it seems like it’s easier to list the nights you’re not celebrating.  And with parties come snacks, treats, and desserts, and each of those samplings carry a cost.  No, not the calorie cost to your waistline (although that may be a concern, too) but the virtual water cost.  Thank goodness we covered ways to stay greenwhile treating yourself!

We hope our holiday conservation guide is helpful to you, and that you have the happiest of holiday seasons.  Season’s greetings from the crew at The Longest Straw!