This weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for prestige film-lovers.  The Oscars are the height of recognition among film snobs, and we at The Longest Straw want to get in the award action, which is why we present you the Wa-scars: our personal water-themed recognition post for institutions that went above and beyond with water issues in the past year.

So, without further ado, we give you our Wa-scar winners.

Best Stormwater Capture: Treepeople.  The future of Los Angeles specifically and California in general is dependent on our ability to shift from importing water to local water, and Treepeople is leading the way.  They don’t have elaborate technology: just large cisterns that allowed them to capture 80,000 gallons of rainwater this year.

Worst Water Management: The government in Flint, Michigan.  We’re hardly the first people to draw attention to the water crises going on in the Detroit suburb, but we can’t stop talking about this ridiculous story.  Water is a right, not a privilege, and the government deserves every bit of negative attention they get for neglecting their resources so that a necessary life-giving resource became poison.

Best Conservation:  San Jose  While our whole state is expected to conserve water, some cities have, shall we say, done better than others.  We recognize San Jose for doing what’s right for the world, even if it’s not super popular, and championing water conservation. 

 Most Obfuscatory Liars:  LADWPEveryone’s heard about Flint, but have you heard about what’s going on the Owens Valley?  Basically, the LADWP is pumping water out of two wells that it was ordered to shut down because of their negative environmental impact.  But they’re not breaking the law, you see.  They drilled the wells a bit deeper and renamed them, so now they’re technically two new wells with no restrictions on their use.  No, really.  

Well, it’s about time for tonight, but thank you for checking out our Wa-scars.  Come back this time next year for more recognition of the best of the best.  Play us out!