Now it’s early March, which in my home state of Iowa, still mostly means winter.  Snow continues to stubbornly cling to the ground, the wind readily brings freezing temperatures, and there’s probably at least one more snow day in the cards for students.  However, I don’t live in Iowa any more, and while Los Angeles never ever quite gets to a place that I’d call “cold,” I can say that the winter-esque season we get has passed, so it’s time to think of spring things.

And the springiest (and my least favorite) tradition?  Spring cleaning.  Unfortunately, many of the cleaning products you can purchase are full of chemicals and have a pretty bad environmental impact.  On the upside, we’ve got you covered, with an entire post about ways to clean your home without using more than your fair share of water.

Another unfortunate side effect of springtime is that it marks the start of allergy season.  While this blogger often feels like I’d try anything to clear my nasal passages and make my eyes stop itching, I understand that Mother Nature is not my enemy (she doesn’t mean to hurt me, honest.)  While we don’t have any allergy-specific posts, this home remedy guide  breaks down relief for many cold symptoms, which incidentally are often allergy symptoms as well.

Focusing on the bad like cleaning and allergies might make it seem like we hate the spring, but that’s not the case at all.  Spring time has good side too, like the opportunity to start your garden.  And long-time readers know that having a vegetable garden is a big first step toward water sustainability, especially if you use grey water methods.  

Water conservation is a year-round habit, but that doesn’t mean your methods can’t change with the changing of the seasons.  We’re all about getting more in touch with nature, and so this spring, think of something seasonal you can do to cut back on water use.  If there’s any favorite tips we’ve missed, share them in the comments!