This may seem like cheating, given that we have a photos page and all, but our newest feature, “Our Favorite Things” is our opportunity for us to share multi-media instead of limiting ourselves to just words – and this week, our favorite things are our favorite photos from Samantha’s hike.

This may seem like an odd choice for a favorite, since it wasn’t exactly a fun discovery at the time, but this picture perfectly encapsulates the horror that was the desert.  It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but when Sam had limited cell phone service and was a three hour’s drive from everyone she knew, every minor inconvenience threatened to be a major disaster – including nightly visits from venomous scorpions.

For a documentary about water, there’s very little of the wet stuff for the first half – Sam was walking through a desert during a drought and streams were few and far between.  When she did find natural water sources, even the minor challenges like fording a river were opportunities.

This oasis (you can’t tell from the pic, but it was also a swimming hole) is quite possibly the prettiest place Sam slept all hike long.  It was at least the greenest, lushest stop in the Mojave Desert.

This picture captures the emotion and spirituality of the end of Sam’s hike, but even if you don’t connect on that level, can you deny the precarious beauty of Mono Lake?  We think not.