When I was young, I attended a church service once where my Sunday School teacher said Christmas shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  My reaction – what?  Isn’t Christmas one of the things that we were supposed to be all about?  His explanation was because he considered Christmas too important to limit the observation to a single day once a year – he thought every day should be Christmas.

We feel similarly about Earth Day.  We want to observe it, we like the idea of setting aside time to celebrate and remember our planet that keeps us alive.  But the earth is too important to just set aside a single holiday and then forget about it for the following 364 days.  We want every day to be earth day.

How do we celebrate earth day every day?  It might involve making changes in our lives that help us live more sustainably.  Maybe make a resolution to stop buying products that are made of ingredients that harm the earth.  Maybe volunteer to clean up your local public places –but don’t just volunteer once, make it a regular commitment.  Maybe you can cut back on something you use every day – take shorter showers, eat less meat, or run the air conditioner less frequently to reduce your footprint.

And maybe that’s the important thing that earth day represents.  It’s like a New Years for our planet, and after four months of practicing resolutions, you should be an old pro at making those small changes that have a significant impact on the world around you.

And in that respect, perhaps we do celebrate earth day after all.  We’ll keep sharing our favorite tips and tricks for saving water all year long, regardless of how much time passes from this April 22.  In the meanwhile, we want to hear about your earth-saving resolutions.  Comment below, or post on Facebook or Twitter with our hashtag, #H2G