Summer is a lazy season for me.  Throughout my childhood, it was the time when I didn’t have to go to school, opting to sleep in every morning and do away with my daily routine.  I always had bold dreams of doing exciting things over the summer, and they always lost out to the allure of the air conditioner on the balmy 100+ degree days.  As an adult, I don’t get a three month break from work, but summer is still a lazy season.  I simply don’t like heat, which means I avoid the outdoors like it’s full of the plague.

So let’s talk about being lazy.  There are nine months of the year to be smart and savvy and to focus on conservation.  Saving water is still important in the summer, but that doesn’t mean it has to cut into your chill.

It was for that reason that we wrote a guide last summer to saving water while still indulging yourself.  Sure, ideally we’d all limit our diets to salads and fresh fruits, but sometimes we want to feed a sweet or savory tooth, and this post details all the little indulgences that still have a low water footprint.

While you’re feeding your face, you might want to barricade yourself inside with the air conditioner and away from the heat.  This is especially true in Los Angeles.  Although we’re technically not in a desert (LA has a Mediterranean climate), the punishing summer sun might make you think otherwise.  That’s why you need to know the water footprint of various cool-keeping methods and which are the planet-friendliest.

And of course, no summer slum is complete without a nice cold beer.  We’ve even got you covered on that front, breaking down common alcoholic drinks and looking at their impact on water usage.  And if you want something a little stronger than alcohol… well, you didn’t get these facts and figures from us.

In the spirit of this lazy blog topic, we’re going to call it quits here.  While we’re off lying in the shade and sipping some fresh-squeezed lemonade, share your favorite green ways to chillax the summer away in the comments.