Making a documentary is about more than making one movie: there are dozens of other, smaller videos we make along the way.  There’s the obvious teasers and trailers, along with other short films that we make to generate excitement about our project and try to connect with people who believe in our cause.

It’s been nearly a year since we released our last video, but that’s been a jammed-packed year, full of a lot of fantastic work on our documentary and a 70-day 338-mile hike.  So everything below is an oldie, but a goodie, and will hopefully sate your appetite for TLS videos until the feature presentation can make its way to you in 2017.

This video has a special place in my heart, because it’s the first video we ever released, and it was completely unplanned.  During our very first ever scouting trip in the Owens Valley and Mono Basin, we spontaneously decided to pull off the highway and get some footage of the open channel running just on the other side of a farmer’s field.  We ended up inside a fence and surrounded by horses, and our first promo video was born.

Often, people ask us why we’re making this movie.  What’s the possible gain of walking 338 miles, living outside, and filming it all?  Our answer?  People seem completely unaware of where their resources come from.  But we weren’t certain of that lack of awareness until we hit the streets of Downtown LA and asked people.  The answers made us all the more certain that this movie was necessary.

Our trailers have gone through many permutations, but this is our latest and greatest: a summation of everything we’re all about.  Of course, every single frame of this trailer was shot before Sam’s hike began, so we’re certain much of this will ultimately end up on the cutting room floor when we make a new, more official trailer.  But just because we expect this one to be improved upon, it doesn’t mean we don’t love what we have now.

Besides short promotional videos, we also wanted to give our fans something they could sink their teeth into, an opportunity to learn something about the many myriad issues in the Owens Valley.  So we created a short limited series, A Sip from The Longest Straw, tiny videos that can be consumed in a minute or less.  This episode is my possible favorite, because you can’t top those crazy phalaropes.