The title of this blog post refers to a saying my Mom used to tell me when I was a little girl.  It’s an optimistic little couplet: we might be experiencing bad times (rain) now, but they’ll lead to something good (flowers) later.

Then and now, however, I tend to take this saying a bit more literally.  I don’t necessarily see rain as a bad thing, especially since we’re now approaching year five of a massive drought.  Plus, the timing of the saying is all wrong: April isn’t a rainy month in Los Angeles.  It’s the showers in January and February that lead to blooms in February and March.  By April and May, showers and flowers are well past.

In early March, some news sites predicted that El Nino wasn’t done yet,  and that the spring and summer would be inundated with rain that would save us from the drought.  By this point, however, we can pretty much agree that El Nino is over and done with.

On the upside, this rainy burst has certainly helped.  California’s snowpack is at 130% of normal  with some places with reservoirs and snowpack even higher than that.  Some reservoirs are even so full that they have to release water to avoid flood risks.  

So this is great, right?  The drought’s over?  Well, not quite.  What we’re seeing is a temporary abundance of water, but it’s not quite abundant enough to offset the years’ worth of depleting water supply that we’ve been seeing since 2013.  We’d need several more years of El Ninos like this one to get to a point where conservation wasn’t still a priority.

April showers and May flowers?  Maybe not the norm this year, and they might never be the norm in Los Angeles at all.  Let’s not despair, though.  Let’s look at the deeper meaning of the saying: that bad things lead to good things, and keep on hoping that this drought will end soon.

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep conserving and keep looking to the sky.

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