Facebook is fun! Twitter is terrific.  GooglePlus is… pretty quiet, but we’ve got an account there, too. 

Yes, we have plenty of social media accounts.  And while much of social media is about insignificant thoughts that are here today and gone tomorrow, there are a few stand-out posts that have a special place in our hearts.

Maybe it’s cheating for us to post a video after we’ve already done a Favorite Things post about videos, but this clip never made it onto Youtube.  Samantha caught a relaxed moment with her hiking buddy and shared the video on Facebook, and well, we can’t stop laughing each time we watch it.

Are you surprised to see that we have a Pinterest account?  Even more surprising, we have a whole board dedicated to the Los Angeles Aqueduct.  Who’d have thought there’d be so much water awareness on a website for crafting?

What a first day of hiking Sam had.  And this beautiful montage, along with montages from every other day of her hike, is on our instrgram feed.  If you’re not following us yet, how can you resist after this fabulous post?