Before I get any further into this post, here’s a blast from the past, and the source of the title for this post:

Every so often, our producing team can feel a bit inclined to give ourselves a big pat on the back.  After all, we’ve worked hard.  We’ve spent three years working on The Longest Straw, we’ve hiked through the desert in the heat of the summer, we’ve shot, produced, and are now editing a feature length documentary film.  Heck, when you put it like that, we sound pretty awesome.

But the truth of the matter is, none of our accomplishments are really our own, because none of them would have been possible without the phenomenal network of support we’ve received.

So thank you to our sponsors: Adventure 16, Brunton, G-Tech, Steripen, and Whole Foods West Hollywood.  Each of these companies provided us with product – free of charge – to help us complete our filming.  When you’re an independent filmmaker, every penny counts, so the amazing products we received from each of these companies brought us ever closer to reaching our goal.

Thank you to our grantor: The Puffin Foundation.  Your generous grant gave an extra boost when we were short on funds, and made our film possible.  There are millions of awesome art projects in the world and few dollars to go around, so we’re particularly honored that the Puffins put their faith in us.

Thank you to our donors:  All the individuals who have generously contributed, either through our website’s Paypal button or our Indiegogo campaigns.  Even taking into consideration that each gift is tax-deductible, the generosity of all the people who want to see us succeed has been staggering.

And thank you for everyone else who has helped us in less concrete ways.  Thank you to the hiking buddies who took time out of their busy summers to accompany Sam on her hike.  Thank you to the kind and generous people of the Owens Valley and Mono Basin who were like a second family at a time when our crew would have otherwise been alone. 

Thank you to everyone who’s ever liked a Facebook post  or retweeted or told a friend about this project.   Knowing there are people out there who really believe in this project and who are rooting for us creates a real morale boost.

It’s like the song says: I want to thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…