How long have you been following the Drought Diaries blog posts?  Is this your first time ever stumbling upon one of our blog posts?  Did you find us in the past year after reading our Upworthy article, or after seeing our trailer?  

Believe it or not, our blog has been churning out posts for over two years now, and along the way, we’ve met a few milestones.  Today, we’re going to reflect on some of the big achievements we’ve made since the inception of our water-conservation tips, tricks, and techniques series.

Our first post also serves as an introduction to what we’re all about.  Most creative endeavors go through growing pains as they seek to find our voice.  Our inaugural post isn’t much to look at; there’s no photos, no real design to the page, and few of the facts and figures that characterized our later posts.  However, the tone is there. From the beginning, we didn’t want to just repeat the same water-conservation tips everyone had heard before. So naturally, we focused on the water conservation element that was new to us: that of virtual water.  Two years and 100+ posts later, we’re still writing about the “invisible” water that goes into production of every piece of food you eat, clothing you wear, and product you use.

By this point, it’s almost defunct (but not entirely.  You can submit a proposal here) but My H20 History was our original guest post series in which people shared their stories of their relationships with water.  It may seem odd that as the regular writer on the Drought Diaries, I’d write such a “guest post” but this was a special occasion.

For those not in “the know,” the Drought Diaries is part and parcel of The Longest Straw, a feature-length documentary about the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which supplies a large amount of drinking water to the city of Los Angeles.  And last summer, director Samantha Bode hiked the entire 338 mile length of the aqueduct and filmed her journey.  I accompanied her just for the first weekend, and wrote a post on my experiences. 

And then, at the end of the hike, our director wrote a retrospective on her experiences.   It’s not the full story – for that you’ll have to wait for the movie to come out, but it is a glimpse into the special story we’re seeking to tell, in our film, in this blog, and everywhere that we reach out.  Water is precious, and it has a story to tell.