OK, OK.  Before I begin, let’s set one thing straight.  I know it’s not polite to call people “things,” and if anyone deserves not to be called a “thing,” it’s the fantastic champions in this post.  These people made our film possible, and so naturally, we want to honor them with respect.  That being said, “Favorite Things” was a series title we came up with before we decided to profile our friends, so well, sorry.  At least they’re not just any thing: they’re the favorite thing.

To start, let’s talk about not just one person, but a group of people: our interview subjects.  The people who appear in our film took time out of their lives, often on multiple days, to meet us, appear on camera, and invite us into their lives for a short while.  Although they may seem glamorous, film sets aren’t always fun places – usually you have to meet at the crack of dawn and then sit still while people run wires under your clothes, point a camera at your face, and then ask personal questions.  All of our interview subjects were real champs.

Speaking of champs, let’s spare a kind thought for our “hiking buddies,” who walked along with Sam in the heat of the desert in the middle of the summer of 2015.  Few of these buddies were experienced backpackers, and all of them covered dozens of miles over the course of a week, carrying all their food and water with them.  These people survived on freeze-dried fruit and jerky, slept in the dirt, sometimes trespassed, and always served to lighten Sam’s load a little bit and to make production possible.

At the risk of sounding like one of those Public Broadcasting announcements, we also have to thank Viewers Like You.  The Longest Straw isn’t financed by a studio or made by a production house.  Our crew is just a group of friends who felt like this story needed told and decided to do it.  Financially, we couldn’t have made this film by ourselves, so we’re eternally grateful to everyone who has or anyone in the future who will make a tax-deductible donation  to our film.

None of you people are things: you are wonderful, beautiful, amazing people whose light guided us to success in the production of our film.  The Longest Straw will be ready for release in 2017, and the only reason that’s even possible is because of the incredible support each and every one of you has provided.