It’s so obvious, it’s shocking we haven’t covered this already.  Once a month, we do a “favorite things” post, in which we spotlight different groups, websites, or topics that fit a certain theme.  And of course, since this is a water conservation blog, it makes sense that we would have favorite conservation tips.  So now we bring you: a match made in Heaven.

To begin with, let’s take this post all the way back to the beginning.  Way back in kindergarten, I learned the importance of turning off the tap when I wasn’t actively using water.  Shut off the sink while I brushed my teeth or scrubbed my hands.  Turn it back on once I was ready to rinse.  It’s a small gesture, one that only saves 8 gallons per day, but we at The Longest Straw firmly believe every drop counts, so start with the small droplets and watch the savings add up quickly.

At the other end of the spectrum, we could save you thousands of gallons each and every day with another minimal lifestyle change.  What’s that?  Add one vegetarian day per week to your calendar.  Chicken requires 4,325 liters of water per kilogram of meat, pork 5,990 liters per kilogram, and beef 14,415 liters per kilogram in virtual water.  A one-time menu substitution could save you the equivalent of ten hours’ worth of showers each time you opt for the tofu, so why not start to implement regular meatless Mondays?

The easiest conservation tips of all, however, are those that don’t require you to change your lifestyle at all.  Check your pipes for leaks twice a year to save tens of thousands of gallons in monthly wasted water, and if you haven’t already done so, install low-flow fixtures in your home so that you can live with your water exactly the same way you always have, but ultimately use less.

These are, of course, only our favorite water-saving schemes, but we know there are plenty more conservation tips that we didn’t get a chance to cover in this post.  Share your favorite conservation methods in the comments, or post them on Facebook and Twitter with #NoWaterNoLife to join the conversation.