October 13 at 5:00 PM - some people may think of Friday the 13th as an unlucky day, but it brought good tidings to the crew of The Longest Straw as we premiered our first ever public screening as part of the opening ceremony at the Big Pine Paiute 2017 Fandango celebration.  

Several local residents poured into the Paiute Wellness Center for our screening, but we were also pleased to see attendees from Los Angeles, Lancaster, and beyond.  Our goal with this movie is for everyone in California to learn where their water comes from - and to inspire people outside of California to learn about their own water systems - so a diverse turnout was greatly encouraging.


After the screening, our crew had an opportunity to do a brief Q&A session with attendees.  Besides our director Samantha Bode and producer Angela Jorgensen, several interviewees from the movie attended, including Santiago Escruceria, Mike Prather, and Sage Romero.  We enjoyed the opportunity to explore the movie further with the lucky attendees who got to see it for the very first time.

Feel like you're missing out?  Never fear, because another screening is coming to Los Angeles soon - and very soon.  Saturday, October 21, our movie will screen once again with the New Urbanism Film Festival.  Seats are limited and admission to our movie costs only $12 - or you can buy a day pass or a festival pass to see the other projects being screened.  Either way, we'll see you soon.