The red carpet.  The step-and-repeat.  The photographer.  The big screen.  If our premier screening in Big Pine was all about community engagement, our screening in Los Angeles was all about Hollywood glamour.

The Longest Straw screened the third day of the New Ubanism Film Festival, and we were the first feature of the day on Saturday, October 21.  We were pleased to see a decent-sized turnout for the movie, and while we didn't quite have a sold-out show, supporters turned out in encouraging numbers, excited to see the story of Sam's journey for the first time.


After the main event of our screening, we then had the opportunity to have a panel - or as the festival calls it, "pub urbanism" -  and discuss the water infrastructure issues raised in our movie.  Director Samantha Bode and Producer Angela Jorgensen joined local landscape architect Aja Bulla-Richards and festival co-founder Joel Karahadian to explore ways that the city of Los Angeles can implement the changes proposed in our movie.

Besides our crew, attendees included several on-camera interviewees featured in The Longest Straw, including activist Conner Everts and Melanie Winters of Water LA.


Feeling like you missed out?  That's OK!  We'll have more screenings to come, just keep checking back for more info!