You’ve probably seen a new posting on our website: a list of screenings

The core idea is this: we’ve already toured the length of the aqueduct once, when Samantha hiked over 400 miles along the length of the LA Aqueduct.  Now, we’re going to travel again, and this time around, we’re doing it in style.  So many of the people and communities along the LA Aqueduct were instrumental in telling the story of LA’s water.  Now, we’re sharing their story with them, and giving people all along our route a first chance to see the finished cut.

You may have already heard about our screening at the Fandango event in Big Pine, or our screening at the New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles.  If you missed those screenings, though, no fear, because there’s more to come!


Specifically, this weekend will be jam-backed with three Owens Valley screenings.  First, on Friday, November 17, we'll be in Lone Pine at the Smokehouse.  The very next day, November 18, we'll be at the Inyo Council for the Arts in Bishop.  And then on the 19th, we'll be back into Independence at the Owens Valley Growers Co-Op.  Each of these screenings is generously co-hosted by the Owens Valley Committee.

This is what we’ve been working toward for four years, but this aqueduct tour isn’t indefinite.  Act now to get to a showing before it’s too late!