This is a time of year when many people think about opening their hearts (and their wallets) and giving back.  Heck, “giving” is even in the name of our next major holiday.  So as we think of opportunities to express our charity during the last month of the year, let’s also look at ways to give that will benefit our planet and help us to conserve water.

We’ve brushed up against this topic before, exploring local organizations in Los Angeles and elsewhere along the LA Aqueduct that work hard to preserve our resources and could put your dollars to good use.  The Mono Lake Committee, the Owens Valley Committee, and Tree People all have long and storied histories of working tirelessly to preserve our natural spaces – so why don’t you throw a few bucks their way in order to help them with their work?


Living sustainably is often a multi-pronged effort.  Whether you’re paying to install a greywater system or investing in extra-large rain barrels or replacing your old and outdated fixtures with low-flow ones, all those efforts cost money.  If you have the cash to spare, that’s great, but consider any one of the charities on this extensive list of Better Business Bureau accredited environmentalist non-profit organizations.

And if giving financially just isn’t in the picture, you can always give an even more valuable resource: your time.  Consider participating in one of the Friends of the Los Angeles River clean-up events or volunteering with Water LA

Sharing is caring and the holiday season has to be one of the most generous times of the year.  How are you planning to give back?