This past year has been a big year for all of us at The Longest Straw.  Our movie premiered for the very first time.  We attended a festival and the 2017 Fandango. And, at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, we got to share all of it with you.

Of course, November is pretty much synonymous with giving thanks.  So for this week’s post, we’d like to honor and give thanks to certain individuals who really allowed this year to be a good one.


Santiago Escruceria, Mike Prather, and Sage Romero, who shared our premier with us and attended an amazing Q&A after our first festival screening to talk about water issues that persist throughout California. 

The good folks who run the New Urbanism Film Festival, who not only hosted our first ever Los Angeles screening, but also work hard to promote those film and art projects that raise awareness of our environmental needs.


Governor Brown, who has continued to fight for and pass policies designed to preserve our resources in the face of an administration that doesn’t see the value of a clean and renewed earth.

All those who financially supported our movie back when we were still in the fundraising stage.  (And it’s not too late to give.)  You should – finally – receive your perks soon if you haven’t already.


And everyone else who has supported this project in some way over the course of the past four years.  If we were to list every single contributor, this blog post would have no end, so if you’re not named, please don’t take that to mean we’re not thinking of and appreciating you.

Thank you.