Our very first Drought Diaries blog post went live on April 1, 2014.  Three and a half years ago, I mused on the existence of virtual water – the “invisible” footprint to all our food, clothes, and other purchases that I’d only recently discovered myself.

Thus began a journey of trying to explore the best ways to conserve water – from the perspective of a conservation-inclined ecowarrior, or from a lazy but well-meaning busy professional, or even as a lazy person who can’t be bothered to pay attention to natural resources at all.  The goal was simple: to advance our project’s goal of helping people be more conscientious in their water use, we wanted to take a step beyond the obvious and educate the public on ways they might be wasting water without even realizing it.


In the meantime, we produced a feature-length documentary about the Los Angeles Aqueduct and screened throughout California.  We’ve won awards.  We’ve received write-ups in major news publications about our project.  The Longest Straw has ultimately left an impact in a positive way, a sort of anti-virtual water footprint in the shape of water saved.

Our work isn’t done.  Whether California’s hit with drought or flooding or even both simultaneously, we will never reach a point where our culture is able to stop paying attention to our water use.


However, with the close of the year comes my final day with this project.  I’m immensely proud to have been able to produce and manage so many aspects of this project, but as with many things, it’s time for me to look forward and tackle my next adventure.

As our year draws to a close and many things come to end, I leave you with a reminder that growth stems from loss.  Waste becomes compost becomes healthy new plants, death begets life, and while these phrases have tipped well into the real of cliché they’ve only been able to do so because they are true.


I bid you good bye, but hope to see many of our fans on our next project.  And never fear – while the regular blog posts are discontinued, The Longest Straw will remain active and will continue to tour with numerous screenings.  Check out our screenings page, which will be updated even as our blog posts are not.

Happy New Year.