Self-care is important.  Unfortunately, so is caring for our planet, and all too often, those two things are mutually exclusive.  Even minor pleasures, like relaxing in a warm bubble bath or indulging in an extra slice of chocolate cake, often come with debilitating water footprints.  So how can you get your relax on without harming the planet?

A quick Google search for “eco-friendly pampering” leads to a lot of products you can buy, but “eco friendly” means something different to every person.  For this blog, we’re focused mainly on avoiding unnecessary virtual water footprints, so we’re going to avoid any tips that require buying new products, especially products with artificial packaging or that require to be shipped to you.

One simple treat is infused water.  It’s becoming a big trend here in California, and water infusion has expanded well beyond its humble beginnings as water with sliced cucumbers in it at the spa.  These days, people are combining all sorts of herbs and fruits in their water, and by selecting virtual-water friendly fruits or even better, by using home-grown garden ingredients, you can have a taste of your favorite spa without leaving the house.

Really need to unwind?  Skip the gym and do your next workout outside.  Yoga in the park or a jog along a lake don’t use any water (just be sure to keep your shower short afterward) but allow you to feel more in-tune with nature.  If you live here in California and have access to our abundance of state and national parks, go for a nice long hike.

Stress management is important, and going green shouldn’t mean you have to give yourself short shrift when relieving the tensions of the day.  How do you #relaxgreen?