Guys, water conservation can get expensive.  Sure, on the plus side you’ve got all the savings coming in through your water bill, but sometimes it can take months or years to off-set the initial cost of a big water installation, especially if you have to hire professionals to take care of setting things up foryou.  The solution? Do it yourself!

For example, imagine if every morning, instead of hopping into the bathroom, you donned a swimsuit and took a brisk outdoors shower?  That’s just what our director Samantha Bode did.  The reasoning was simple: rather than run all those gallons of perfectly-good greywater down a drain, shower in the grass and let that water irrigate your lawn.

If you’ve got a particularly large yard and just don’t think your shower water will cut your lawn needs, you can install rain barrels for some extra irrigation.  If you’re feeling particularly handy, you can even self-install a simple greywater system, although you may want to reach out for help with the more intensive plumbing or permitting processes.

Another big water-guzzler in your home is your toilet.  While composting toilets can cost big bucks, you can transform your commode into a low-flow fixture with a brick or a bottle of water.  Just be careful that you don’t damage the plumbing and ultimately use even more water.

Rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty is a tried-and-true method for not only doing good work, but feeling good about yourself at the end of the day.  You can take things a step further by sharing your DIY-conservation techniques on social media or with us, to show others how simple and un-intimidating it really is.