When I grew up, my mother used to say “April showers bring May flowers.”  Well, May is here, and boy howdy do we have some beautiful flowers.

The name may be ominous, but Death Valley is expected to have a solid wildflower bloom this year.  On the upside, in the modern era of air-conditioned cars and regularly-spaced convenience stores selling drinks, Death Valley isn’t likely to bring you death anymore.  Even better, you can reach Death Valley off the 395, meaning you could plan a partial LA Aqueduct road trip on your way to check out the blooms.

The Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley is a popular destination for wildflower enthusiasts.  Rolling hills covered in orange and yellow blooms will beckon when you exit your car – just beware of the rattlesnakes!

I wish I’d known about the wildflower bloom going on in Point Mugu Park when I headed up there for a hike a few weeks ago!  If you can’t choose whether you prefer the mountains or the beach, Point Mugu is the place for you, combining both those features with the glory of a million blooming flowers – can it get any better than that?

If schlepping your way far outside the city limits isn’t your idea of a good time, take the comparatively short trip down to the Santa Monica Mountains while their flowers are still thriving.  Who says you have to leave a city to get in touch with nature?

These days, I feel like I can’t open up Facebook without being greeted with hundreds of pictures of hundreds of flowers (not that I’m complaining).  So let’s make the most of a long-awaited rainy spring and enjoy these flowers while they’re here.