We’re all in this together.  Our blog tends to focus on personal, individual steps we can all take to save water, and that’s because it’s individuals who read us.  As private citizens, each of us plays a role in creating and impacting our world and our environment and it’s good to acknowledge our responsibility.

But sometimes, a few individuals acting independently can’t make enough of an impact to really change a major problem.  That’s where our governments come in, and say what you will about the dangers of bureaucracy, here are some municipalities that are really getting it right when it comes to water management.

San Francisco has been turning heads with their just-barely-safe-for-work ad campaign that makes water conservation sexy.  At the end of the day, it’s up to individuals to decide when (and whether) to turn off the tap, but this PR move might just make saving water the sort of thing people want to do.

We’ve long advocated for turning to more sustainable, local water sources like greywater and wastewater reclamation, and Tempe, Arizona shows how a desert city can not just survive, but thrive with the water resources available to it.

Texas may not be the first place you think of when you think of conservation, but they’re getting down and dirty with water reclamation – and we do mean dirty.  Not only is Houston recycling waste water, but they’re recycling wastewater from another city – Dallas, which sits upstream. 

Finally, we’ll wrap this post up with a little pat on our own shoulders.  Los Angeles may not be perfect, but it’s weathered its fair share of droughts, due in no small part to our rebates on low-flow fixtures, irrigation restrictions, and other efforts to save the drop.    LA loves its water, and not just because we’re close to the beach – we all have come to recognize that without water, there is no life.