I grew up in Iowa, where summer weather pretty consistently began in late May or early June and persisted until mid-September.  The worst heat and humidity would begin right as summer ended, as my favorite shows wrapped up their seasons, and just when local clothing stores would begin putting out their swimwear and short shorts.

Los Angeles seems to be on its own clock.  The famously sunny city doesn’t have a winter to speak of, and barely has a spring or fall.  It would seem, if it’s summer all-year-round, that the concept of seasons would become irrelevant in LA.  Then, beginning in late August, you get that first 120-degree day…

Summer seems to start in this city right when it’s wrapping up in the rest of the country.  And no matter how much you may love the sun’s warm rays, nobody wants to risk the hyperthermia that threatens when the air rises into three-digit temperatures.

So while our “summer” months have seemed mild thus far, the real threat of the LA summer is just arriving.  For me, at least, the looming, pummeling heat brings with it a sense of dread.  Life in Los Angeles is like the inverse of the Game of Thrones universe.  Summer is coming, and that threat ought to chill you to your core, because that chill will be the only heat relief you’ll get for a while.

Worst of all, summer in Los Angeles can be anathema to conservation efforts.  With no hint of rainfall, sprinklers will activate on a regular basis.  Air conditioners will run through the hottest spikes of mid-day.  Water usage goes up

That’s why now is the time to prepare.  Invest in a nice, sturdy basin big enough to stand in and build the habit of collecting your shower water and re-using it in your garden.  Install a greywater system.  Put a brick in your toilet tank. 

Summer is coming.  Don’t leave your city parched.