I used to make the same joke over and over again after I moved to Los Angeles: “I’m from Iowa, and we have this weird thing called seasons…”

Given that it’s always sunny in Los Angeles, that the city almost never sees snow and rarely receives rain, one might naturally assume that the City of Angels exists in a perpetual state of summer.  That presumption would be wrong.  Based on my own experiences of living in the city for almost a decade, I can safely say that LA still has four seasons, but those seasons are non-traditional.  The seasons are:

·         The rainy season

·         The sunny season

·         The oh-God-why-is-it-so-hot season

·         The slightly cooler than the rest of the year season

Bad news for Angelenos: August marks the start of oh-God-why-is-it-so-hot.

Are you still reading?  Your computer hasn’t melted yet?  That’s good, because there’s more bad news.  Bad enough to live with triple-digit weather that assaults you the moment you step outdoors, but for the past several years, LA has consistently set record-high temperatures

Sure, you may think.  But it’s a dry heat.  I’ll admit, I wouldn’t trade the humidity I grew up with for a nice liquid-less dew content, but humidity or not, 111 degree days are no good no matter what the other conditions are.

And it looks like things will only get worse.  While some may still try to deny the existence of climate change, global warming is no longer a hypothetical up for debate.  It’s here.  Temperatures have steadily climbed, the California coast line has already begun to erode, and while the drought may technically be over, most agree that the next one may be around the corner.

So stay cool.  Drink plenty of liquids, keep to the shade, and stay safe.  That’s not just temporary advice for the occasional 113 degree day – it’s soon going to be a part of everyone’s lifestyle year-round.

On the upside, our planet isn’t quite yet doomed.  But the time is past for debating.  Conserve today.  Tomorrow will be too late.