The Longest Straw could never have been possible if our crew hadn’t been utterly devoted to making the movie happen.  After all, the production process was grueling, time-consuming, and expensive.  Nobody finishes a documentary unless they’re passionate about getting movies made!

And passionate our entire crew was.  So passionate, in fact, that many members of our production crew have made other documentaries and creative projects outside of The Longest Straw.

Samantha Bode, the director, apparently didn’t get her fill of filming epic journeys after her nearly 400 mile hike up the Longest Straw, because she’s now part of Yukon Calling.  This summer, she’s canoeing the length of the Yukon River – and you’ll see a video eventually, but not until after ours is released!

Producer Angela Jorgensen has written several web videos, the most recent of which include four episodes for the conspiracy-themed animated comedy web series The Lizardmen

Cameraman Ian Midgley was no stranger to documentary production when he joined the crew at The Longest Straw, especially since he’s shot, directed, and produced a documentary all his own called Reversing the Mississippi.  Ian explores alternate lifestyles with a distinctly American flavor in this PBS-airing movie.

We also had a camera woman for many of our shoots, Angela Wood, who shot the video series 2 Guys Named Ben.  The series follows, well, two guys named Ben who travel and explore the Bluegrass scene – what is it about our crew and travelogues?

We promise – The Longest Straw will be released very soon.  But if you’re feeling impatient in the meanwhile, check out the amazing work the rest of our crew has done.