Summer is waning, which means it’s the last chance to call up your friends, fire up the grill, and enjoy a guilt-free dip in the pool before it’s back to autumn and responsibility.

Or maybe you’re a student, and you’re looking down the barrel of a school year filled with epic nights drinking and making bad decisions (but not too bad) with friends and classmates.


Whatever your attitude toward partying, one fact is true: your party offerings can make or break your get-together.  If you want to be the talk of the town, you need the right booze, the right foods, and the right activities.  With stakes so high, is there really room to think about conservation?

In a word, yes.  Making green choices at your next get-together will at worst go unnoticed and at best earn you major brownie points among your other eco-minded friends.  Putting out recycle bins for discarded soda or beer  or serving food on reusable plates can mean big savings for our natural resources.


Give an extra thought to what you serve, too.  We’ve covered extensively the ways that a diet low in animal products is infinitely greener than a vegetarian one, but if you feel you must serve meat, remember that chicken has less virtual water than beef or pork, fresh or un-processed foods are greener than processed, and chocolate or cheese, while delicious, are like poison for water conservation.

And whatever you do, avoid straws


It’s a season for celebrating.  Trust us: we know, with a premier date coming soon.  So get your groove on, throw back and relax, and just make a few minor changes to your party style to ensure that your soiree will both be a party for the ages and also preserve our planet for the ages to come.