Urbanism?  Based on the word’s root, you know it has something to do with cities.  But what, exactly?  And how about when it’s new?

Well, urbanism is a study of both people and their environments in studies.  It’s a broad topic, but becomes a bit more specific when you look at the principles of new urbanism: an exploration of city design with an eye toward sustainability.


Our movie is a perfect fit with the concepts of new urbanism.  The technical complexity of the Los Angeles Aqueduct wouldn’t be possible in a small town, and the competing values of a city’s need for water, a state’s need not to export those water resources, and the humans who will be impacted on both sides of the equation all speak to the core of the new urbanism movement.

That’s why our movie is such a perfect fit for the New Urbanism Film Festival.    In late October, this festival comes to Los Angeles with a variety of movies focusing on sustainable city planning and development.  And on October 21 at noon, you can see the premier of The Longest Straw on the big screen at 135 North La Brea Ave.   Get your tickets now!


Of course, it’s an honor to be featured in any festival, but we’re particularly thrilled to be featured in one that reflects our own values and message so closely.

So come on out.  Be sure to check out our screening, and while you’re around sit in on some other movies, panels, and environmental activities as well.

See you on the big screen!