Without water there is no life. Join us on a journey up the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and rekindle your passion for that long time lover, Water.


Santiago Escruceria - Outdoor Experiences Program Manager. Mono Lake Committee
Mark Lacey - Fourth Generation Rancher, Owens Valley and Mono Basin
Alan Bacock - Water Program Coordinator, The Big Pine Paiute Tribe
Harry Williams - Water Activist and Elder, The Bishop Paiute Tribe
Michael Prather - Activist and Conservationist, The Owens Valley
Samantha Bode - Director, The Longest Straw

A Video Sneak Peek from our upcoming feature film, and a good reminder as we go about our days on Earth. "Only one percent of all water on Earth, is actually anywhere near where human beings can use it." - Fred Barker, Former Engineer at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

In this week's "A Sip From The Longest Straw", Samantha tells us one good thing about dust mitigation -- the phalaropes are back!

In this week's "A Sip From The Longest Straw", Samantha tells us alkali dust-- one of the main reasons we need to keep water in the lakes.

In this week's "A Sip From The Longest Straw", Samantha tells us about the relationship between Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

In the midst of the worst drought on record in California history, three Los Angeles filmmakers set out on a journey to discover where our water comes from, and who's impacted by our city's water management. Meet our enthusiastic, passionate, and downright strange director and crew in our FIRST OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER, learn just what The Longest Straw is, and how you can help this independent documentary get made.

The Longest Straw crew ventured out onto the streets of Los Angeles this past spring to ask some people about water. These Angelenos had some ideas for water conservation, but, unfortunately, they couldn't really tell us where LA water comes from.

Wouldn't it be fun to all learn together by journeying up The Longest Straw?

Music: "Once Tomorrow Instrumental Version" Josh Woodward http://www.joshwoodward.com/#/

Camera: Ian Midgley and Kerry Chestnutt

Without water, there is no life. So, watch as the crew of the Longest Straw comes to life and explores the Los Angeles Aqueduct, all the way from LA to Mono Lake, with plenty of stops in-between.

On January 25, 2014, a new friendship was forged. While filming a trailer for the documentary The Longest Straw, our camera crew unexpectedly found themselves on farmland with a whole herd of horses and mules. Who could have imagined they'd be so big? Or so friendly? For over an hour, we pet, filmed, and befriended these magnificent creatures, and now we hope this video can convey our fantastic experience. As Sam says, "Best day of my life."